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Rolling Stones [1969.12.06] Altamont Matrix [VG-Multi-sourceMatrix]

This actually sounds quite good. Yup! 

The Rolling Stones
'Altamont Matrix'
(VoodooJungle-Records : VJ-R 030)
Altamont Speedway Free Festival
Dick Carter’s Altamont Speedway
Livermore, California, USA
Saturday December 6th, 1969

Very Good (Multi-Sourced) Audience Matrix
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
101. Sam Cutler Intro and Crowd [mono]
102. Jumpin' Jack Flash [mono]
103. Carol [mono fades into single stereo audience source]
104. Sympathy For the Devil [1:44]
105. (Disturbance 1:18)
106. Sympathy For The Devil [fades into single stereo audience source]
107. (Disturbance 2:55) "Who's fighting and what for?"
108. The Sun Is Shining
109. Stray Cat Blues
110. Love In Vain
111. Under My Thumb [0:43]
112. (Disturbance 2:31)
113. Under My Thumb
114. Intro To Brown Sugar
115. Brown Sugar
Disc 2:
201. Intro To Midnight Rambler
202. Midnight Rambler
203. Intro to Live With Me
204. Live With Me
205. Gimme Shelter
206. Little Queenie
207. Satisfaction
208. Intro to Honky Tonk Women
209. Honky Tonk Women
210. Street Fighting Man

If you're curious: The person who was murdered that day was Meredith Curly Hunter, Jr.
(Oct. 24, 1951 - Dec. 6, 1969) He was an 18 year-old African-American man. R.I.P. good Sir! -Yup!

What do we have here?
This version is true blend (or matrix) of as much of the show as is available from five different sources. Note that none of them had all the pieces. The idea was to get the best possible sound for each track, but retain all the crowd noise, reactions, etc in the recording. The crowd was obviously an integral part of this event, I’ve kept all of that from all the sources. (more...) -Original

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