Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Paul Stanly of the band KISS to be Questioned

NEW YORK (AP) A late night arrest has finally been made. For days now reports have been coming into police that a sad starry-eyed clown has been entering birthday parties, house parties and other celebrations uninvited. No violence or mischief has been reported in relation to the incidents. It seems this sad yet friendly clown only wanted to entertain and be entertained as well. Later the police learned the starry-eyed clown was in fact Paul Stanley of the band KISS. Police admitted later in the day that they did not recognize the clown because during the short chase it's raggity blue-black rat nest wig had fallen off. Stanley went on to announce the upcoming release of his new solo album and fans are already gathering at Tesco bargain bins. -RELIQUARY News (STD) LoL!

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