Sunday, 25 September 2016

O{+> - Crucial (Outtakes & Demos) [SBD]

(1990 Tunnel Park Tunes : TPT 101)
Outtakes & Demos
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01.  Crucial Love – From the Lovesexy sessions 1987
02.  Fantastic (Rave To The Joy Fantastic) – Played live several times in 1988 at after-show concerts. A sizzling funk jam with a repeated chorus. Recorded for inclusion, was left off the soundtrack.
03.  Crucial (normal version) – Lovesexy Outtake.
04.  Break My Head (if you break my head one more time) – A funny song from 1986. It deals with the familiar Lyrical theme of the unfaithful lover.
05.  Sexual Suicide – Lovesexy outtake.
06.  Girl In My Dreams (Girl Of My Dreams) – Offhead the three ‘o clock 1986, similar to jack you off.
07.  Can’t Stop (Can’t stop this feeling I got) – A fast faced pop tune written in 1986, offered to 3‘o clock.
08.  We Can Funk – Slow sensuous funk with whispered chorus’s and brass very much to the fore. Features a Miko Weaver guitar solo.
09.  Welcome 2 The Rat Race – Lovesexy outtake, recorded in late 1987.
10.  Witness – From 1986. The Song starts with a recording of a distant conversation and finishes with Prince saying “Guilty seven years hard labor”. Features some screeching like Hendrix guitar.
11.  Red Riding Hood – Crystal Ball session outtake.
12.  Crucial (Extended Version) – Extended version of this Lovesexy outtake.
13.  The H Man – A seven-minute version dating back from 1983 / 1984.

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