Thursday, 29 September 2016

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy Outtakes [SBD]

Guns N' Roses
'American Communism'
(Chinese Democracy Outtakes)

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01. Chinese Democracy (no lead guitar) intro has echo effect & has standard chords where solo was
02. Shacklers Revenge (Instrumental with no lead guitar)
03. Shacklers Revenge (the L remix)
04. Shacklers Revenge (instrumental with lead guitar)
05. Shacklers Revenge (remix vocals with no lead guitar)
06. Shacklers Revenge (buckethead solo? this solo is sick!!!)
07. Better (crazy bass line through it, drums really come through, awesome version)
08. Street Of Dreams (no guitar) has a very well done under lining where the guitar solo belongs
09. If The World - all bass and piano intro
10. There Was A Time - hearing the song without the solo does not do the song any justice
11. CATCHER -very cool piano progression where solo was,hear the piano well
12. SCRAPED -basey verses, cool chord progressing where solo was, bad ass ending very cool version
13. RIAD - hear Axl vocals clearer usual chords progressing where solo was, still the same song
14. RIAD (BUCKET) - chinese democracy intro with buckethead solo, has all the guitars in it
15. SORRY - starts with no instruments, all bass verses and choruses you can hear baz singing
16. IRS - sounds more like 1999 version the chorus breakdown into the chorus is badass cool version
17. MADAGASCAR - this version no lead guitar and no MLK or movie quotes,bland yet cool to hear
18. MADAGASCAR - this version has the guitar, with the solo; just without the movie and mlk themes
19. TIL (NO LEAD) this version has no lead guitar, worth downloading.
20. TIL (MIX 1) This version has the solo panned low, sounds alot like the album.
21. TIL (MIX 2) This mix has the solo but the arrangement behind the solo is louder than mix 1
22. PROSTITUTE - Muddy beginning, no lead guitar on solo, other then that sounds alot like album version

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