Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gary Numan [1980.11.12] Max Bell Centre, Calgary (1 File)

Gary Numan
Max Bell Centre
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday November 12th, 1980

Remastered Soundboard Recording
(All in one (1) MP3 File : 202 MB)
Playing Time - 1:28:33
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

This Wreckage
Remind Me to Smile
Me! I Disconnect From You
Everyday I Die
Remember I Was Vapour
Are 'Friends' Electric
The Joy Circuit
I Dream of Wires
Down in the Park
We Are Glass


This is a soundboard recording and had deteriorated with age a bit. EQ'ing and remastering has brought out the best of it I think and it's very listenable ...certainly proved popular with Numan fans.

Numan released his second solo album Telekon in the Autumn of 1980 and embarked on his second major tour in 12 months - and his second in the USA and Canada in 7 months. This recording features the full set from the very last night of the Teletour, after he'd already made up his mind that he would retire from touring. The show gets better through the set I think, and the last song in the set, We Are Glass, is especially exciting with lots of analogue synths squawking away. -Original

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