Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bob Marley - The Santana Secret Tape 1975-1980 [SBD]

Bob Marley & The Wailers
'The Santana Secret Tape 1975-1980'
Demos / Outtakes / Live

Very Good Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
101. Keep On Moving (Dub Take 1)
102. Keep On Moving (Dub Take 2)
103. Marcia Got To Lead The West
104. Waiting In Vain [this is not Live; crowd noise added in]
105. Rebel Music (Live)
106. Instrumental
107. Revolution (Take 1)
108. Revolution (Take 2)
Disc 2:
201. Pimpers Paradise (Dub)
202. So Much Trouble (Instrumental)
203. Forever Loving Jah (Instrumental)
204. Bad Card (Version)
205. Real Situation (Alternate)
206. Crisis (Version)
207. Buffalo Soldier (Dub)
208. Rebel Music (Instrumental Take 3)
209. Buffalo Soldier (Dub Mix 2)
210. One Love (Dub Take 2)
211. One Love (Dub Take 3)

Santana himself is an avid music collector who is said to have a vault of music for all his favorite artists. In the tape trader community, there is a tape called the “Bob Marley Santana Tape,” which is full of rare 7-inch and b-side singles of Bob and the Wailers.
What is known about this is that it contains many rare Roger Steffens-produced tracks and takes, including a couple live ones, dates unknown aside from 1975-1980.
Rastamon commented at The Traders’ Den: “Note that 'Waiting In Vain' is not really “Live”, just has crowd noise added in. I understand Santana wanted a live version, but none existed, so Roger made this version for him.” -Original

Bob attended the Santana show with the rest of the Wailers. It was sold out, and Bob and the Wailers where backstage watching the show. Santana offered Bob Marley and the Wailers to perform with his band onstage during the third and final encore. Al Anderson and Tyrone Downie of he Wailers took Santana up on his offer and came on stage and played with Santana on his classic tune “Evil Ways,” from Santana’s eponymous 1969 debut album. Because Bob did not join his bandmates onstage that night, today there is no recording of the two greats playing together. (more...)


  1. AAAARRRGHH! I'm gutted to find out "wait" isn't live. I thought I'd finally found a live version when I acquired this recording a year ago. Oh well, I guess Bob never played it in concert. Thanks for the info.


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