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Missing Persons - BBC Rock Hour #341, Version B [FM]

Missing Persons
BBC Rock Hour #341: Magic Mountain, CA 1982
Version 'B' (with commercials)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita, CA, USA
Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

BBC Rock Hour #341, Version 'B' (with commercials)
London Wavelength Limited Broadcast Week of October 10, 1982.
The same show was also syndicated on the BBC College Concert #7 with a
broadcast date of Oct 24, 1982.  That show as hosted by Pete Larkin.

At the start this BBC Rock Hour, they announce that the song is from their upcoming album
"Spring Session M," "which is going to be released at the end of this month."
"Spring Session M' was released on October 8, 1982 by Capitol Records, and while that's
not "the end of (this) month," it means the show was recorded close to that date.
There's a Warfield show up at Wolfgang's Vault attributed to December 28, 1982,
which is after the October 10th syndicated broadcast date of this show.  My guess is that this show is from Magic Mountain. -Original

Track List: (The Cue Sheets are Included)
01.  BBC Rock Hour #341 Intro - Sylvie Simmons
02.  Mental Hopscotch
03.  Noticeable One
04.  Words
05.  Commercial - Coors Light
06.  Commercial - Jensen Sound System
07.  Tears
08.  It Ain't None Of Your Business
09.  Bad Streets
10.  BBC Rock Hour #341 Break
11.  Commercial - Coors Light
12.  Windows
13.  Here And Now
14.  Walking In L.A.
15.  Commercial - Coors Light
16.  Commercial - Agree Shampoo
17.  No Way Out
18.  I Like Boys
19.  Destination Unknown
20.  BBC Rock Hour #341 Outro - Sylvie Simmons

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