Saturday, 27 August 2016

I Mother Earth [2012.12.20] Apocalypse-Apalooza

I Mother Earth
106.9 the Bear's
Apocalypse-Apalooza : End of the World Party
The Diefenbunker
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thursday December 20th, 2012

Audience Recording
Encoded: VBR MP3 (1 File)

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Set 1:
01 Intro
02 Summertime in the Void
03 Like A Girl
04 Like The Sun
05 I Is Us
06 Love Your Starfish
07 Sense of Henry
08 Cloud Pump
09 Another Sunday / Suzy Q
Set 2:
01 Intro
02 One More Astronaut [with Led Zeppelin intro]
03 All Awake
04 We Got The Love
05 Bad [U2 Cover]
06 Good For Sule
07 Earth, Sky & C.
08 Levitate
09 Rain Will Fall

All tracks are together in one MP3 file. (Not split into separate songs). Recorder on Jags amp for first set, moved near his feet for second as "someone of importance" recommended I hide it. Cool night! A Win to Get in event. Only 200 in attendance Luckily I won and got in. Scalpers were trying for $300, What a great location; in the Diefenbunker, 50 feet below the surface. It was held in the cafeteria and made for an intimate gathering. -Original

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