Wednesday, 3 August 2016

DMCA sucks bum. LoL!

DMCA Complaint came after me today. 
They took down all the Prince bootlegs. 
Threatened to kill my first born if I continue to post Prince. 
How Rude!


  1. That's too bad. I wondered how long that was going to take. I guess even though he is dead, they are still being very tight on his material.

  2. You had really good stuff, thanks!

  3. I was surprised you were able to post them as long as you did.

    Captain Al

  4. the hassle with prince simply isn't worth it. move on. keep posting the other stuff.

  5. Bummer, but, then again, you strike back in style by giving us Beatles, Hendrix... thank you for all your efforts, highly appreciated - peace Chris


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