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David Bowie - The Complete Arnold Corns Sessions

David Bowie
'The Complete Arnold Corns Sessions'
(1999 Bow : BOW71 / Thinprince)

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

This is a collection of singles, outtakes, and rare songs recorded under the name of Arnold Corns in 1971 and is a direct copy of 'Freddi & The Dreamer'.
It should be noted that the John Peel show version of Looking For A Friend appears as Track 12 on this particular pressing which is at odds with the track listing shown on the cover art.

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Lady Stardust 3:40 (Radio Luxemburg Studio)
02. Right On Mother 2:10 (Radio Luxemburg Studio)
03. Moonage Daydream 3:54 (Radio Luxemburg Studio)
04. Looking For A Friend 3:18 (Rough Mono mix, Trident studios)
05. Man In The Middle 4:03 (Mono mix, Trident studios)
06. Looking For A friend 3:19 (Mono mix, Trident studios)
07. Moonage Daydream 3:52 (Arnold Corns single version)
08. Hang On To Yourself 2:54 (Arnold Corns single version)
09. Looking For A Friend 3:21 (Arnold Corns single version)
10. Man In The Middle 4:14 (Arnold Corns single version)
11. Looking For A Friend 2:14 (Alternate version)
12. Looking For A Friend 3:25 (John Peel Show, recorded at BBC Paris studio, London on 1971-06-03, broadcast 1971-06-20)
13. Hang On To Yourself 2:12 (Alternate version)
14. Looking For A Friend 2:11 (Roughmix)
15. How Lucky You Are 3:34 (Outtake)
16. Shadow Man 3:48 (Outtake)
17. Lightning Frightening 3:55 (Outtake)
18. Rupert The Riley 3:07 (Outtake)

Do take the title with a pinch of salt!
Arnold Corns was a Bowie side project, featuring his hair stylist, Freddie Durutti, on vocals. Of course he couldn't sing. Two singles (three tracks!) did eventually get released, with a further one knocked on the head.
Half of this boot is Arnold Corns songs, the rest, reasonably interesting stuff from 1970-71. It was previously released as Freddie and the Dreamer.
Some of the sources on Bowie material from this era are unreliable, so I've gone with exactly what's quoted on the cover. Note that my copy has a slightly different running order to the track-listing on the artwork - track 18 is moved to track 12, with 12-17 all dropping down one place. This is how I've listed here.
Yes, looking for a Friend does appear six times - barely justifies one!

Recorded At – Radio Luxembourg Studios
Recorded At – Trident Studios

Tracks 1-3: Radio Luxemburg Studios 10.3.71
Track 4: Rough Mono Mix Trident Studios 4.6.71
Tracks 5+6: Mono Mix Trident Studios 4.6.71
Tracks 7-10: Arnold Corns Single Version
Track 11: Alternate Version
Track 12: David Bowie & Gene Vincent 1971
Track 13: Alternate Take
Tracks 14-17: Outtake
Track 18: John Peel's Sunday Show 20.6.71

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