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Aerosmith - Rock In A Hard Place Outtakes (1982) [SBD]

'Rock In A Hard Place Outtakes' (1982)
Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida, USA

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01 Take It Or Leave It #13
02 Bitches Brew [Alternate Version]
03 Gut Bucket Blues
04 Riff And Roll [REMOVED official release]
05 The Jig Is Up
06 Jailbait
07 Lightning Strikes
08 Joanie's Butterfly
09 Cry Me A River

Outtakes from the 'Rock In A Hard Place' Lp via the "Pure Gold .999" bootleg on P&E Records 001. I have a cassette copy from the disc, so someone may have better version, but I didn't see it uploaded here, so I added it. I LOVE the RIAHP album!!! It just rocks, is funky, flows from tune to tune with a great vibe. It's totally overlooked because it lacks Perry/Whitford, but its a great listen. These are some rough outtakes that surfaced on a boot Lp in the 80s. -Original

Here are some notes from the Rock This Way site ( : Outtakes from recording of 'Rock In A Hard Place' in Miami, The absence of Tyler during the some of the period is reflected by the number of tracks which are instrumental versions. A few have Tyler ad-libbing vocals.
Gut Bucket Blues (instrumental) and Take It Or Leave It #13 eventually became Bolivian Ragamuffin.
The alternate version of Bitches Brew is an instrumental. A version of Riff and Roll turned up on Pandora's Box but recorded at The Power Station, NYC in Sept. 81, a year earlier.The version of Joanie's Butterfly is an instrumental which is how Crespo intended it to be until Tyler added lyrics from a dream he had. Jailbait, Cry Me A River and Lightning Strikes are also primitive versions of the final songs. -Original

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