Saturday, 2 July 2016

Rush [1984.11.20] Made In Japan (Gypsy Eye)

Made In Japan
(Gypsy Eye : GE-115-116)
Furitsu, Taikukan, Osaka, Japan
November 20th, 1984

Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Intro/The Spirit Of Radio
02. Subdivisions
03. The Body Electric
04. The Enemy Within
05. The Weapon
06. Witch Hunt
07. New World Man
08. Between The Wheels
09. Red Barchetta
10. Distant Early Warning
11. Red Sector A
12. Closer To The Heart
13. YYZ
14. 2112
15. Tom Sawyer
16. Red Lenses
17. Vital Signs
18. Finding My Way/In The Mood

This is by far the best sounding version of this show in comparison to what's widely available. The sound is crisp with much more clarity than the other versions. This release comes in Silver pressed CDs, worthy of collectors' value. Artworks are quite nice for a change. HOWEVER, there are 3 nasty cuts in Subdivisions which is indicative of poor pressing job or someone just didn't listen to the source before they pressed the silver cds. It's a shame that the cuts exist, as this would be an awesome boot for this rare Japanese show. -LeeGetty ( - 2002-02-04).

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