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Rolling Stones - Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile [SBD]

The Rolling Stones
'Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile'
Acid Project Outtakes 1968 - 1972
'Shouting In A Bucket' Remastered & Expanded
(2012 Acid Remaster : APCD-012)
(2012 Captain Acid Remaster : Cpt.Acid 012)

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc One:
01- Tumbling Dice aka Good Time Woman
02- Stop Breaking Down
03- Two Trains
04- Highway Chile
05- Brown Sugar
06- Hamburger To Go
07- I Ain't Lying
08- Tumbling Dice
09- Cocksucker Blues
10- Jiving Sister Fanny
11- Travellin' Man
12- Country Honk
13- Let It Rock
14- I'm Going Down
15- You Gotta Move
16- Memo From Turner
17- I Don't Know Why
18- Carol
19- I Got The Blues
20- Wild Horses 01
Disc Two:
01- Family
02- Downtown Lucie
03- Sister Morphine 01
04- Leather Jacket
05- Brown Sugar 02
06- Parachute Woman
07- Potted Shrimp
08- Dear Doctor #4
09- I'm A Country Boy
10- Little Queenie
11- Dancing In The Light
13- Prodigal Son
14- Shake Your Hips
15- Trident Jam
16- Factory Girl
17- (Can't Seem To) Get A Line On You
18- Wild Horses 03
19- I Don't Know The Reason Why [Shorter Edit]
20- Exile On Main Street Blues

Hi Stones fanatics, this one has started very innocent. I have pitch corrected bootleg Shouting In A Bucket, that was running way too fast. I could not listen to it before that. Although that is a cheap little bootleg i liked the song selection. So it inspired me to add few bonuses. And in the end i have ended with double CD of outtakes from the Stones golden era 1968 - 1972.
I have remastered everything. Than i was thinking maybe i could replace the songs from the SITB with better sounding versions. And i have tried with one song, can`t remember which. But i actually preferred the somewhat juicy sound on the original SITB bootleg, so i have left all songs from SITB. Except i have thrown out the "Winter". It was just an official version and it did not fit the 1968-1972 concept.And i have moved Family to the beginning of second CD. So first 8 songs on Disc One and first song on Disc Two were from original Shouting In A Bucket bootleg.The rest was added by me.
You will find many rarities here in better sound than on any version before. Like that rare version of Memo From Turner, for example.
As usually i have fixed pitch, phase and levels. After that i did some EQ and that is all.
No noise reduction, no compression, no limiters.Everything was done in Soundforge 10.0 Pro.
Mr D made another beautiful artwork. He was also very involved with the tracks selection advising which versions are the best or where i can find them.

Everything i did here was exactly as i would do if someone would like to release this yourself Mick and Keith !!! -Original

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