Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Jimi Hendrex - Best of BBC Rock Hour Special 1976 [FM]

Jimi Hendrix
Best of BBC Rock Hour Jimi Hendrix Special 1976 Hosted and directed by Alexis Korner; broadcast in 1976; fairly to very good audio taken from Pre-FM vinyl. Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

(BBC Transcription Services radio library, USA 1981, 1LP)
- Distributed by London Wavelength, Bronxville, NY
- Broadcast on November 29, 1981
- Hosted by Richard Skinner
- Premiere broadcast: 1976, hosted and directed by Alexis Korner.
- Interviews with Jimi Hendrix, Aland Douglas, Paul McCartney,
  Chris Welch, Chas Chandler, Keith Altham, etc.
- All commercials have been edited out.

Probably one of the rarest LPs in circulation… I don’t remember seeing it listed anywhere, also neither by Univibes nor Jimpress. Fragments of this radio show, as far as I know, have been available only on the US bootleg LP 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window' (Dragonfly Records, USA 1978). -Emilovius

01. BBC Rock Hour - Part 1 11:36 (19.5MB)
02. BBC Rock Hour - Part 2 13:44 (23.1MB)
03. BBC Rock Hour - Part 3 12:44 (21.4MB)
04. BBC Rock Hour - Part 4 13:04 (22.0MB)
Total Time is 51:08 minutes.

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