Friday, 29 July 2016

David Bowie - Missing Links One Ziggy [SBD]

"Oh, what is this I see before me!?!
Hmm, kinda looks tasty,
'lick-lick-lick', mmmmm ...oh yeah it is,
Another delicious Bowie disc for you....Yup!"

David Bowie
(1996 iCON : iCon001)

Missing Links One Ziggy
Rare Tracks 1970-1973

Studio Soundboard Recordings
(Excellent Sound Quality)
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Full Artwork & Booklet Included)
01 The Supermen
02 Lightening, Frightening
03 Tired Of My Life
04 All The Madmen
05 Holy Holy
06 How Lucky You Are
07 Andy Warhol
08 Looking For A Friend
09 Man In The Middle
10 The Shadowman
11 Looking For A Friend
12 Waiting For The Man
13 Oh! You Pretty Things
14 Queen Bitch
15 Five Years
16 White Light White Heat
17 Zion
18 All The Young Dudes
19 Jean Genie / Love Me Do [Live w/ Jeff Beck]
20 Ziggy's Farewell Speech:
Complete and unedited! At the last ever "Ziggy" concert, where the audience was in total shock, after Bowie's announcement! The "Spiders" suffered a bigger shock at the news, as they also knew nothing of what was to come!

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