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Beatles, The - Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown [Look at this like a 'GMO' apple ...yup!]

The Beatles
‘Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown’
(Iinnerwreckdom - CD001)

Unknown dates. Home recordings? Outtakes? in-studio chatter?
Good to fairly Good Soundboard
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3  <--- Read more info before continuing!
This fan-made compilation recently surfaced on the net. While it’s a quaint collectible for the fans, there is also a suspicion that some of it might be (unwittingly?) fake. None of this has been officially released in any form.

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Hello
02. Stand Together
03. Good Morning Good Morning
04. Chi Chi’s Bar
05. What Exactly Are We Doing
06. Jolly Jumping Pally Poodles
07. Let’s Have A Good Time Party
08. The Awful Parcel
09. Keep A Shine In Your Nose And Your Clothes Clean
10. She Can Talk To Me
11. I Spent An Afternoon Shaving In The Dark
12. Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown
13. She’s Walking Past My Door
14. We Can Help You
15. Another Golden Gasser
16. Mrs Tiggywinkle Part 1
17. One Long Bad News
18. La Camparsita
19. Cry Baby Cry
20. Laughing Eyes
21. Brazilian Song
22. Set Me Free Across The Universe
23. This Is Not The First Time We Have Met Like This
24. Stranger In My Arms
25. Strawberry Fields Forever - Rehearsal
26. Strawberry Fields Forever
27. Pedro The Fisherman
28. My Mother Was A Seaman
29. Page 43
30. Down In Cuba
31. Messengers Of Light
32. Mrs. Tiggywinkle Part 2
33. Down In Eastern Australia
34. Two Poots And A Pot
35. Mr Whiteout
36. The Breakdown
37. Julia
38. Whenever You Go
39. Goodbye

rogerlancelot noted:
I don’t know why but I’ve always been a fan of Lennon’s avant-garde leanings. I made this CD for my own amusement but realized that there might be some other souls out there who would get a kick out of this. Basically, this is a mash-up I made from several small sections of Lennon’s Kenwood attic home studio recordings recorded in 1966-1968 and although some of this material has been covered in text books, nobody seems to agree when exactly these were recorded.

Here are a few facts that you need to know to help you decide if you want to bother with this or not:
- The quality on this is not EX studio quality but at least VG and at times the hiss was unavoidable.
- I credited this monstrosity to The Beatles although there is only one track with Paul (“My Mother Was A Seaman”) and George only appears briefly at the end of the very last track (“Goodbye”). It is mostly John and Ringo and friends.
- There are 12 tracks (mostly under a minute long) that I did not mess with. Many of those appeared as a medley called “Chi Chi’s Café”. The source for these was from The Lost Lennon Tapes radio series where audience sounds were added by the makers of that program. Unfortunately, I do not have access to those pieces without the audience and would love to hear what was on the entire reel uninterrupted.
- The other 27 tracks are of my own creation. I cut everything into sections and sacrilegiously created my own pieces of music/dialogue in fabulous stereo.
- It is known that John Lennon recorded a lot of material in his attic studio (pre-Two Virgins) but it does not leak into the bootlegging community. What we do have is frustratingly awful at times. I feel that I have made it all into something more listenable although some people who do not care for this material won’t make it far into the CD before abandoning it.
- It is often said that John made these recording with friends under the influence of LSD. Although that explains a lot, it also points out why these recordings are “inaccessible” to the average Beatle fan.
- Most of this material is so unloved that it is scarce and not even included with the “definitive” Looking Through The Envelope set which actually inspired me to make this album. Hey, maybe some of this stuff you maybe never heard before?
- Sources that I used for this album were RMW’s Unforgettable Bonus CD (oddly, I still had to speed it up a little bit), Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969, Lazy Tortoise September 1966-February 1967, Zed Is For Zapple, For No One (for “Good Morning Good Morning” although I used the rest of that particular reel from Lost Home Tapes for a lot of this CD) and some other bits floating on my many hard drives. All of it was sourced from lossless FLAC format copies. -Original (more in file)

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