Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Toto [1987.02.04] Fahrenheit World Tour (Paris) [SBD]

Fahrenheit World Tour
Le Zénith, Paris, France
Wednesday February 4th, 1987

Excellent Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
01 - Till The End
02 - Mama
03 - 99
04 - Somewhere Tonight
05 - I'll Be Over You
06 - Could This Be Love
07 - Guitar Solo
08 - Georgy Porgy
09 - I Won't Hold You Back
Disc 2:
01 - Girl Goodbye
02 - Keyboard Solo
03 - White Sister
04 - Interlude
05 - Rosanna
06 - Hold The Line
07 - Reach Out

"This is it folks...the one you thought you'd never find. I frankly can't even believe I'm sharing it. In my opinion, this is truly the holy grail of Toto bootlegs for 3 reasons. First, the sound quality is so perfect it could even pass for an official release. The mix is amazing, with soaring highs and a fantastic bottom end....every instrument is completely audible. Second, the performance is more passionate and inspired than any other Toto show I've ever heard (and I've heard many) . There was another version of this show circulating for a while with inferior sound quality, but this version blows that away as it is without question, directly from the master tape. Third, this is what many Toto fans (including myself) would call the definitive lineup. You of course have the late, great Jeff Porcaro on drums and the legendary Joseph Williams on his first tour with the band, in support of the awesome Fahrenheit album. For all the people out there who said Joseph couldn't sing live are going to be shocked when they hear this show. Not only does he sound fantastic, but he doesn't miss one note throughout the show. This is Williams at his absolute best, so good it needs to be heard to be believed. Lukather is in excellent voice as well and his guitar virtuosity is in full swing here. Mike and Jeff lay down the grooves like nobody else can, this is one of the finest rhythm sections of all time. And in addition to the maestro David Paich blessing the keys, Steve Porcaro adds his own keyboard and synthesizer magic to the show. Besides the main lineup, you also have percussion greats Lenny Castro and Paulinho Da Costa who really mesh well with Jeff Porcaro, as well as backing vocalists Paulette Brown and Warren Ham. The latter is also a multi-instrumentalist who not only has a great voice, but displays his talents on the saxophone and harmonica as well. Ralph Rickert also contributes to backing vocals and plays a variety of horns throughout the show. This is almost a complete show, but not quite, as it is missing "Africa" which was performed but does not appear on the recording. I hope everyone really enjoys this show, every song is truly a highlight. This bootleg originally had the first 14 songs on the first disc and the remaining 2 on the second (the rest of disc 2 had the "Countdown Cafe" show from 1988). For the purposes of this upload, I split the discs more evenly, putting 9 on the first and the remaining 7 on the second. I paid an awful lot of money to acquire this bootleg a couple of years ago but it was worth every penny." -Ryan (LilKing22)

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