Sunday, 12 June 2016

Nirvana [1987.04.17] KAOS Radio Show [FM]

KAOS Olympia Community Radio
Olympia, WA., USA
April 17th, 1987

Broadcast Recording
KAOS Radio Show
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Love Buzz
Floyd the Barber
Mexican Seafood
Laminated Effect
Spank Thru
Suicide Samurai
KAOS Cheer
Hairspray Queen
Pen Cap Chew

The band played under the name Skid Row.
Aaron Burckhard played drums.
John Goodmanson booked this performance after seeing the band play at the ??/??/87 GESSCO show.
The performance took place on a combination of the Monday night radio shows "Out Of Order" and "Toy Train Crash Backside Bone Beefcake."
A recording of this performance served as the band's first demo.

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