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Linkin Park [2008.02.26] Nashville, Tennessee [SBD]

Linkin Park
Minutes To Midnight North American Tour
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Tuesday February 26th, 2008

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3


Track List:
01. What I've Done
02. Faint
03. No More Sorrow
04. Somewhere I Belong
05. Lying From You
06. From The Inside
07. Points Of Authority
08. Hands Held High
09. Wake
10. Given Up
11. Valentine's Day
12. Numb
13. Shadow Of The Day
14. Crawling
15. In The End
16. Bleed It Out
17. My December [Piano Version]
18. Breaking The Habit
19. A Place For My Head
20. One Step Closer

Show Notes:
- 'In Stereo' was over 'Points Of Authority'. 'There They Go' was over the outro.
- A speaker went out during the 'Points Of Authority' outro when Mike started his 'There They Go' verse. Fans thought he was trying to rap but they couldn't hear anything. Mike apologized, and called for Jason to make sure that the fans wouldn't be "cheated of any more music" and all that.
- Chester messed up in the middle of Valentine's Day, left out a line, instead saying "Sorry, let me catch up".
- Mike's little sneaky self was nowhere to be seen at the start of the 2nd encore, but appeared in the pit about 50 ft from the stage right before 'A Place For My Head' started. The pit was really rowdy during the song, and after it finished, Mike pulled out a can of silly string and sprayed the pit with it. Awesome!
- The setlist for this show called for 'Bleed It Out' to have all the extenders, and for 'Breaking The Habit' to have the extended outro. However, the outros to both songs were skipped, possibly because Chester was sick, or maybe just because the band was lazy. -A LPLive.net release.

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