Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Jimi Hendrix - Most Famous Hits (The Album) [SBD]

Jimi Hendrix
'Most Famous Hits (The Album)' Bootleg
(2004 Surprise Records : 6544)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
See Artwork for the Track List.

This Little Set Has a Great Sound...Except I Detect an Electronic Drum in one of the Songs.
So, there's probably been some touch-ups/overdubs. It's Definitely worth a listen.
There's Jim Morrison, Little Richard, Besides that Classic Jimi Guitar Sound.

From The Comments Section:
Whew! What a mess brother. just listened to CD 1. Most of these come from a jam at the Scene club in 1968. These tracks have modern guitars overdubbed out the ass, plus yes you are right drum machine fills and programming, and are swamped in digital reverb. A couple of the tracks, notably Sunshine of Your Love have Leslie effects and echo added to Jimi's guitar tracks. There are some pretty awful Hendrix ripoffs out there but this mess takes it to a whole new level.
The Second CD is Maybe Even Better than the first.
Thanks still tilted2oneside - Viva Hendrix!

Note: Disc 2 is almost entirely Not Hendrix. Hot Trigger, Suspicious, Good Feelings, Bring My Baby Back plus most of the early pre-Experience recordings are by a guy named Herman Hilson. He was an associate of Ed Chalpin who notoriously ripped off and repackaged the Lonnie Youngblood/Hendrix recording sessions of 1966. Here is a great site that lays truth bare. -www.earlyhendrix.com/

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