Monday, 13 June 2016

Beatles, The - Secret Songs In Pepperland [SBD]

The Beatles
'Secret Songs In Pepperland'
(1994 Masterdisc : MDCD 006)
Outtakes And Demos
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 ) All You Need Is Love (take 58)
02 ) Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
03 ) Good Morning Good Morning (sound effects)
04 ) Intro To Sgt. Pepper's (Applause) (sound effects)
05 ) Billy Shears (Applause)
06 ) Yellow Submarine
07 ) It's All Too Much (uncut version)
08 ) All Together Now (Take 9)
09 ) Only A Northern Song

The songs contained on this tape are from the original EMI recordings and will certainly be a big surprise for Beatles' fans. This tape, which contains a previously unreleased song shows us the "WONDER MAGIC" present during the years when the Beatles were recording. The songs were initially written for the movie the "Yellow Submarine" but was later dropped from the movie as well as this century's greatest album, "Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band". It is amazing how this 1967 song has remained in its original condition! Few people have ever heard this song over the last 25 years. Yes, this is the same sound heard 25 years ago.
"All You Need Is Love" normally fades out at the end, but the take recorded in this tape is totally different version, with a long ending and does not fade out. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" simply takes us by surprise. In this psychedelic song, the first part is not sung by John; instead, a radio actor who did "Blue Meanie" sings the part. It was probably done for the movie, but was never used. "Good Morning Good Morning", "Intro To Sgt.Peppers", "Billy Shears" are all from the sound effects collections of Abbey Road Studio. In "Good Morning Good Morning", the size of the animal has been changed from a small one to a larger one. In "Intro To Sgt.Peppers" and "Billy Shears", parts before the beginning of the longer version, are recorded. It is strange when the songs do not start where you expect them to.
"Yellow Submarine", which starts with George Martin's shout, is a mono take, but fades out at the end, although they sing through out. The version that was released has been faded out in the mastering process. We can also enjoy the extended version of "It's All Too Much". The latter part is much longer than the released version, and the quality of the sound is the best among the ones that have been released to date. "All Together Now" and "Only A Northern Song" are recorded on their 'best' mono take.

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