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Beatles, The - And In The End (1969-1970 Sessions)

I couldn't find any relevant information about this particular collection. There is such a plethora of bootlegs out there that maybe the good Lord only knows from which these were taken.   

So after listening to most of it again today, and thought.... mmmm, these are damn tasty, I decided to post it.  ...yup!

The Beatles 
'And In The End (1969-1970 Sessions)'
Outtakes and Demos
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: VBR MP3

By 1969 the Beatles were tired, very tired. Also they were not exactly getting along. But 1969 yielded some of their most interesting music.
This CD shows us the end of the road for the Fab Four, who had long since given up the mop-top image.
The Beatles were fragmenting severely, but the music is what kept them together.
Some of the things to check out on this CD are "The Long Medley" Parts 1 & 2, which are from UNCUT & UNEDITED EMI Master tapes. This is the original medley featured on side two of Abbey Road with "Her Majesty" where it belongs.
There's also the Trident Studios Acetate of "I Want You" from 2-22-1969, with Paul handling the lead vocals on this Lennon song!
Also, check out the takes of "I Me Mine" from January 3, 1970 and "Let It Be" from January 4, 1970, both sessions with only Paul, George & Ringo together in the studio. John did not attend. George even mentions, "Dave Dee is no longer with us".
Plus, Ringo by himself doing an overdub session on April 1, 1970 for "The Long & Winding Road". -Original

Track List:
01- Come Together (Take 1) (John's Acetate) (7-21-1969).
02- I Want You (Trident Acetate) (2-22-1969).
03- I Need You (Trident Acetate) (2-22-1969).
04- Oh Darling (Early Version) (4-20-1969).
05- Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Alternate Stereo Mix) (8-6-1969).
06- Octopus's Garden (Early Stereo Mix) (4-29-1969).
07- You Never Give Me Your Money (Acetate) (7-11-1969).
08- The Long Medley (Part 1) (Uncut EMI Tape Reel) (7-30-1969).
09- The Long Medley (Part 2) (Uncut EMI Tape Reel) (7-30-1969).
10- Her Majesty (Take 3) (Mono) (7-2-1969).
11- KMET Los Angeles Radio (January 1970).
12- I Me Mine (Take 1) (1-3-1970).
13- I Me Mine (Take 2) (1-3-1970).
14- I Me Mine (Acetate) (1-3-1970).
15- I Me Mine (Take 15) (1-3-1970).
16- Let It Be (Acetate) (1-4-1970).
17- The Long And Winding Road (Overdub Session) (4-1-1970).

This is an essential piece of Beatles history. The final sessions are documented here from
summer 1969 and early 1970, plus a few from early 1969, after the 'Let It Be' sessions. -Original

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