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Paul Weller [1997.10.29] Vrenenberg, Utrecht, Holland

Paul Weller
Vredenberg Concert Hall
Utrecht, Holland
Wednesday October 29th, 1997

Excellent Audience Recording
Encoded: 160 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Walk On Gilded Splinters
02. Sunflower
03. Peacock Suit
04. Out Of The Sinking
05. Friday Street
06. Porcelain Gods
07. Science
08. As You Lean Into The Light
09. Driving Nowhere
10. Up In Suzes' Room
11. Broken Stones
12. Stanley Road
13. The Changing Man
14. Mermaids
15. Into Tomorrow
16. Heavy Soul
17. Woodcutter's Son

This show is from the Vredenberg Concert Hall in Utrecht, Holland on Wednesday October 29th, 1997. I was lucky enough to see Paul the previous month here in the US and really loved the music and the musicians he was playing with at the time. We saw the return of the lovely Yolanda Charles on bass and the inclusion of Matt Deighton on guitar. I would imagine this recording is from a radio broadcast as the sound is quite good. There are a few tracks missing according to the Paul Weller Live Archive listing for this gig. And there are perhaps a few other boots out there with the full recording, but this one comes from the boot called, "Mods 'N' Rock Us." I especially like the great little tune, Friday Street, which I thought was one of his finest singles as well as the seldom played, Driving Nowhere. I've heard loads of criticism over the years about this song and it being the least favourite on most people's least favourite of Weller's solo LP's. -Original

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