Friday, 15 April 2016

Police, The [1979.04.07] Born In The 50's [SBD]

The Police 
'Born In The 50's'
(1992 On Stage : CD 12028)
Late Show, Paradise Theatre
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Saturday April 7th, 1979

Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Full Artwork Included)
01. Truth Hits Everybody
02. Hole in my Life
03. Can't Stand Losing You
04. Peanuts
05. So Lonely
06. Fall Out
07. Born In The 50's
08. Roxanne
09. Landlord
10. Next To You
11. Message In A Bottle

Sting has laryngitis!... "Well, well, it looks like we have to come back to Boston after all. Hé Dave, bring me something to wipe my nose with. What you're hearing on the radio here is terminal laryngitis. Any doctors in the house? I'll now blow a deflate". After blowing his nose Sting continued: "Oedipus played this record on WBCN later this day, earlier this day I should say. It was our first ever single in England. It was called Fall Out". Before Born In The 50's: "We had four audiences so far in this club. I think you're the best, I do. You're certainly the loudest". Before Roxanne Sting told that they were staying in the Bradford Hotel in the Combat Zone, the red light district of Boston: "I love the area. It reminds me of this song". The twelve minutes version included a singing competition between the people standing at the left and at right side of the club.

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