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Neil Young [1973.01.15] with the Stray Gators, Toronto

Neil Young with the Stray Gators
Maple Leaf Gardens,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Monday January 15th, 1973

Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 On the way Home ***
02 Tell me why
03 L.A.
04 Journey through the past
05 Borrowed Tune
06 Lonely Weekend
07 Harvest
08 Old man
09 Heart of gold
10 Lonely weekend
11 Everybody knows this is Nowhere
12 Time Fades Away ***
13 New Mama
14 Alabama
15 Last dance
16 Don't be denied
17 Cinnamon girl
18 Lookout Joe
19 Southern Man
20 Are you ready for the Country [Patched from Filtered version]

*** Parts replaced for diagnosis problem

This is a DAT clone received in the 90's, and 1st time transferred.
I noted that some versions of this show was shared in different way :
1) from the bootleg CD Lonely Week-end (incomplete) 76 minutes
2) a complete version (Generation unknown CDR version) but using lots of filter to avoid the noises at the point that sound seems go out from a tube (About 91 minute)
3) a complete version with some cuts during the talks (Generation unknown - taken from analog tapes) - unprocessed (with all the noises) - but inferior quality at my ears.

My version come from a DAT clone of the analog master but with diginoises in "On the WAy Home" & "Time fades Away" + last song "Are you ready for the Country" was missing.
So I replaced and patched those songs with the tracks taken from the Bootleg CD "Lonely Week-end", and added the last song "Are you Ready For the Country" from the filtered version and applied a bit of equalization to sound similar at the all tracks of my transfer. -Original

At the end Here to you the best in terms of sound quality and the more complete version of the Maple Leaf Gardens '73 show. -Original

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