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Jam, The - Studio Demos 1975 & 1976 [FLAC]

The Jam
Studio Demos 1975 & 1976 
(Back To Zero Records)

Demos from 1975 and 1976, NONE of which have been officially released.
Source: 'Where's Woking' and 'Forever And Always' bootleg cds
Manufacturer: Back To Zero records
Catalogue no: BTZCD-004 and BTZCD-001
Lineage: Silver CDs > CDR (Marantz DR6000 with EQ applied) > FLAC

Track List:
01. 100 Ways
02. Forever And Always
03. I Will Be There
04. Walking The Dog
05. Non-stop Dancing
06. Takin' My Love
07. Left, Right & Centre
08. Again
09. When I Needed You
10. Please Don't Treat Me Bad
11. Soul Dance
12. I Got By In Time
13. Back In My Arms Again

01-04:     March 1975    TW Studios, Fulham, London, UK
06,08-10:  10 December 1975    Potter's Studios, Mytchett, Surrey, UK
05,07:    28 May 1976    Potter's Studios, Mytchett, Surrey, UK
11-13:     September 1976       Potter's Studios, Mytchett, Surrey, UK

These studio demos by The Jam surfaced a few years back and are included on two bootleg cds, along with certain "demos" from later in the band's recording career (some of which are actually from John Peel sessions or are tracks that had already appeared in pristine remixed form on official releases such as "Extras" and disc 5 of the "Direction, Reaction, Creation" box set).
Presented here are the 13 demos from 1975 and 1976, none of which have been officially released. I applied some EQ to them to bring out the top-end as best I could. Considering the quality and age of the source tapes, these tracks sound pretty good and showcase the band in the period when new up-tempo numbers were being written alongside the "Motown by numbers" songs that had hitherto been the mainstay of their live set. Several of the tracks went on to be included on the first album, albeit in substantially reworked "new wave" form. -Original

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