Monday, 4 April 2016

Human League - The Making Of 'Dare!' (2CD) [SBD]

"Don't you want me baby,
don't you want me Ohhhhhoooooo"     .....yup!

The Human League 
'The Making of Dare!'
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

A collection of unreleased demos & rehearsals from The Dare! sessions.
Fascinating compilation of unreleased demos and rehearsals from the sessions that made up Dare! One has to bear in mind that, at that time, the Human League's stated method of recording was that the band would pull together a demo, then Martin Rushent would programme the technology to play the backing. What you get here is a lot of fairly basic keyboard backing tracks, some with, some without Phil's vocals - so presumably we're talking about the first stage of that process.

Track List: (Full Artwork Included)
1-1 Beauty
1-2 Seconds
1-3 Don't You Want Me (Take One)
1-4 The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
1-5 Love & Dancing (Do Or Die Early Version)
1-6 Letting It Show (Open Your Heart Early Version - Take One)
1-7 Hard Times (Take One)
1-8 Open Your Heart (Take One)
1-9 I Am The Law
1-10 The Sound Of The Crowd (Take One)
1-11  Lost Love
2-1 The Sound Of The Crowd (Take Two)
2-2 The Sound Of The Crowd (Take Three)
2-3 Boxing On Tv
2-4 Open Your Heart (Take Two)
2-5 Hard Times (Take Two)
2-6 Darkness (Take One)
2-7 Darkness (Take Two)
2-8 Hard Times (Take Three)
2-9 Love Action
2-10 Banjo Song (Do Or Die Early Version)
2-11 Letting IT Show (Open Your Heart Early Version - Take Two)
2-12 In The Park
2-13 Don't You Want Me (Take Two)
2-14 Darkness (Take Three)
2-15 Hard Times (Short)
2-16  River Deep, Mountain High

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