Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ratt [1985.09.29] Buffalo, New York

Memorial Auditorium 
Buffalo, New York, USA
September 29th, 1985 

Audience Recording
Quality ...meh, for the collector fans!
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
Intro/Dangerous But Worth The Risk
Give It All
Wanted Man
In Your Direction
Back For More
Never Use Love
Walkin' The Dog
Closer To My Heart
Disc 2:
You Should Know By Now / Crowd Cheer
You Should Know By Now / Guitar Solo
The Morning After / Drum Solo
You Think You're Tough
Sweet Cheater
Round And Round
Lay It Down / You're In Love



  2. I suspect that this recording might be from my master recording from back in the day. Bon Jovi was the opener. 'Meh' pretty much describes the quality - but it was an entertaining evening. May I ask where you got it from ?

  3. Hey Anonymous, I didn't realize how common your name was. Seems to be the most common name now-a-days. HA! Love it! Anywhooooo, I have to give you a seemingly cheeky answer, but it's the truth. I came across it some time ago on the net and downloaded it. That's the best answer I can give you. I can tell you that if you are indeed the person who recorded this RATT show; you'll be glad to know that there has been a lot of your fellow RATT fan friends who are happy you somehow got this show out there for them to have and enjoy. Well done good Sir! cheers.

  4. Finally figured out how not to be 'anonymous'. Future comments will be non-mysteriously addressed. Thanks for the great blog.

  5. This was from the very early days of my recording period. I think I paid about $75 for the recorder, with a built in mono mike. About a year later I got my first stereo recorder with an external mike, and then another year later I stepped up and got a Sony Pro - so the quality kept getting better over time. This Bon Jovi/Ratt show was one of the early trials with that little recorder. Good times. I love seeing it being shared over 30 years later. Thanks.


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