Saturday, 26 March 2016

Beatles, The - Get Back 'The Elektra Acetate'

The Beatles
'Get Back, The Elektra Acetate'
(Helter Skelter Records : HSR025)
Stereo Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01- Get Back (False Start) (stereo)
02- Get Back (stereo)
03- I've Got A Feeling (False Start) (stereo)
04- Help (Partial Jam) (stereo)
05- Teddy Boy (stereo)
06- Two Of Us (False Start 1)
07- Two Of Us (False Start 2) (stereo)
08- Two Of Us (stereo)
09- Dig A Pony (False Start) (stereo)
10- Dig A Pony (stereo)
11- I've Got A Feeling (stereo)
12- The Long And Winding Road (stereo)
13- Let It Be (stereo)
14- Don't Let Me Down (stereo)
15- For You Blue (False Start)
16- For You Blue (stereo)
17- Get Back (stereo)
18- The Walk (stereo)

For this release, unlike others floating around, I have not used any noise reduction, but instead painstakingly de-clicked, de-popped, and de-crackled each track one-by-one, putting the integrity of the music above anything else - leaving what should be a very enjoyable listen, of what is a very important historical recording. I have also added all of the stereo elements that were missing from this acetate from the Yellow Dog disc (only a section of dialogue), some tracks are available in longer form in mono with extra studio chat, but I did not want to mix stereo and mono here, this is simply stereo only. I also took the liberty of pitch, phase and level correcting this disc, as well as undoing the peak limiting applied to the original disc.

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