Saturday, 20 February 2016

Steven Page [2011.08.27] Boarding House Park, Lowell, MA

Steven Page 
Boarding House Park
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Saturday August 27th, 2011

Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01- lntro
02- A New Shore
03- Jane
04- Toronto To Lowell (talk)
05- lndecision
06- The Old Apartment
07- She's Trying To Save Me
08- Clifton Springs
09- Setting Up The Video (talk)
10- 0ver Joy
11- Call And Answer
12- Honeymoon Story (talk)
13- Marry Me
14- School During Summer (talk)
15- What A Good Boy
16- Enid
17- These Wasted Words
18- So Young, So Wrong, So Long
19- 0ld Lady Diarrhea (talk)
20- lf You Love Me
21- lt's All Been Done
22- The Chorus Girl
23- Thank You For Sharing
24- lntermittently
25- Brian Wilson

"Hey, I'm Steven Page and I was in the Barenaked Ladies until 2008. That was the time I got busted for possession of almost a half once of cocaine.. As you all know coke turns you into a bubblehead right! hahaha yeah me too. I was at a friend's house snorting my ass off thinking I am the coolest guy ever, Look at me! Rock n Roll! woo-whooo! I turned and saw two police at he door looking in at us with a pile of coke on the table and being oh-so-damn-cool. We only closed the screen door at the house so anyone could see right in. And someone did, hahaha right, I was so high. So cool right, yeah Rock n Roll! snort, snort, Yeah!" -- A true story acted out here for your pleasure. ...yup!

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