Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kiss (Rare Live Video Compilation #4)
[1 File] [Time 17:06] [Size: 172 MB] [MPG]

Playlist: (The Quality Varies)
  [*] Walk out from backstage (Detroit, MI)[1977.01.29]
  [*] Ladies Room (Detroit, MI)[1977.01.29]
  [*] Makin' Love (Detroit, MI)[1977.01.29]
  [*] Parasite (Detroit, MI)[1976]
  [*] Cold Gin (Detroit, MI)[1977.01.29]
      Includes song clips:
      * Deuce
      * Back In The 'HELSINKI' Groove
      * King Of The Night Time World

These video collections were titled 'Rare Live Video Compilation'. I only have #2, #3, #4.
I don't know if there is actually a '#1' or not, or if there are more after #4.
 I got it a while ago. I do believe this to be a collection of assorted KISS videos put together by a fan.
It has an assortment of live stuff, backstage, 'behind-the scenes' making music video, interviews, etc.
Good for those 'oh-so-crazy' KISS fans. -Yup!

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