Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kiss - Destroys Anaheim (August 20th, 1976) [Pro-Shot DAT Video]

Split into 4 separate RAR files for your downloading convenience ...yup! 

'Destroys Anaheim' [Pro-Shot Video ]
Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California
Friday August 20th, 1976

[Playing Time 1:08:51]
[Total Size 694 MB]
[DAT Video File]
Can be played using VLC & most others.

High Quality Pro-Shot Video
Format: DAT
  Track List: (Artwork Included)
     [01] Detroit Rock City
     [02] King Of The Night Time World
     [03] Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll
     [04] Strutter
     [05] Hotter Than Hell
     [06] Nothin' To Lose
     [07] Cold Gin
     [08] Shout It Out Loud
     [09] Do You Love Me
     [10] God Of Thunder
     [11] Rock And Roll All Nite
     [12] Deuce
     [13] Firehouse
     [14] Black Diamond


  1. (1 of 4)!bp8BVBqS!aYD7WSi4tcx3UF6DjTdEKpIfg7VlgoPXjcM0LSddyQc
    (2 of 4)!K4t0ELrC!yeaHQgtn9YgjiwmpvdYp09YSO0uItAVDZzxdr7OKKIU
    (3 of 4)!u59wBbYJ!7XP5FUlpGV206qq-Zl_EAHURZDPwr_TZ2q4CjLjcUGU
    (4 of 4)!b8tCwJ7Z!Xehn-CisnO5i9FfoQQqx72LDNdhhfuUd0W70xhZ1Sb8

  2. The files will not extract and says it isn't a .rar archive.
    Am I doing something wrong? Your site is great! Thanks!


  3. Nope you are not. It is a single 'DAT' video file and can be played by using most available video playing software, Like the free use VLC, which is my preferred program.


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