Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kiss [1977.08.16] A Rock And Roll Night (Chikara)

'A Rock And Roll Night'
(1997 Chikara Recording Corporation : CDP 746437 3)
Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA
Tuesday August 16th, 1977

Excellent Stereo Soundboard
Tour Book Included : World Tour (1977-78)
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Tour Book & Artwork Included)
01. I Stole Your Love
02. Take Me
03. Ladies Room
04. Firehouse
05. Love Gun
06. Hooligan
07. Christine Sixteen
08. Makin' Love
09. Shock Me / Ace Frehley Solo
10. I Want You
11. Calling Dr. Love
12. Shout It Out Loud
13. Gene Simmons Solo / God Of Thunder / Peter Criss Solo (Reprise)
14. Rock And Roll All Nite [dedicated to Elvis Presley]
15. Detroit Rock City
16. Black Diamond

Without a doubt the best sounding recording available (the only really great one). This soundboard has aged quite well compared to some other 70's KISS soundboards. This is an EAC clone from the very rare and best version available called "A Rock And Roll Night" (Chikara CDP746437-3). The longest and best sounding version. Although there are some annoying aspect to report. Some crowd noise has been edited out between some tracks which means that some songs start almost instantly after each other. You hear the transition between the tracks although it's not like clicks, nothing like that. It's just not done very smoothly. This was probably done to fit this concert one CD when 74 minute discs were still used.
Most versions in the KISS trading:
- Rock And Roll All Nite was dedicated to Elvis, who had died that day.
- A great recording of this show circulates, though it's open to debated
  whether it's a SBD or a SBD-mix. Whatever, it's great!

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