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Beatles, The - The Little Girl Tape July 1967 Interviews

The Beatles
'The Little Girl Tape July, 1967' (LG-001)
Paul and George Interviews

01. Paul McCartney  Interview  (Time 33:41)
02. George Harrison Interview  (Time 22:38)

In the summer of 1967, two young girls from New York visited London and set out to meet the Beatles. One afternoon - possibly July 31st they lucked out: both Paul McCartney and George Harrison were not only at home and open to a visit, but allowed the girls to run a tape. The result is unusual in the it shows McCartney & Harrison (who was also entertaining Klaus Voorman at his home) In a more casual mood that Is typically heard on recordings of press conferences and formal Interviews.

This is an incredible document! So the story goes, a teenage girl named Leslie Samuels and her girlfriend were sent to the UK to study for the summer of 1967. Leslie had sent many, many things to the Beatles and on July 31st, 1967, she and her friend decided to drop in on Paul McCartney at his home (which was the home of Jane Ashers family) at 7 Cavendish Avenue. Paul is very kind and friendly and even knows who she is by her name. The interview with Paul is 34 minutes long and is complete.

The two girls then go to George Harrison's home, Kinfauns, and find George at home. George is also very happy and friendly and he also knows who Leslie is when she tells him her name. The interview with George is 23 minutes long and is complete, even though there are some drop outs throughout the recording. This is one of the most unique Beatles related recordings you will find. It captures rare candid interviews with Paul and George less than two months after the release of 'Sgt.Pepper' album.
This recording is at 192 Kbps MP3 and is pretty good for it's age, considering it comes from an old cassette tape. -Original

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