Sunday, 10 January 2016

Style Council [1985.08.18] Sports Centre, Melbourne

The Style Council
Sports & Entertainment Centre
Melbourne, Australia
Sunday August 18th, 1985

Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 160 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Big Boss Groove
02. Shout To The Top
03. See The Day
04. With Everything To Lose
05. Down In The Seine
06. Nzuri Beat
07. Our Favourite Shop
08. Homebreakers
09. A Stone's Throw Away
10. My Ever Changing Moods
11. It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands
12. Walls Come Tumbling Down
13. Long Hot Summer
14. When You Call Me
15. Luck
16. Move On Up
17. You're The Best Thing
18. Money Go Round/Strength Of Your Nature
19. Internationalists

And along with the luck of having my Brutha Ryan record it, I became a TSC fan(atic). This recording is culled from a few sources. The first being a radio/tv broadcast and the second half from the long out of print Australian only 12", which I dig as it's got a few vinyl "pops and crackles." If you don't have it, please feel free to check this out, "Probably the best Pop group in the world." -Original

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