Thursday, 28 January 2016

My LAST (hopefully) tirade on today's dumb downed (cough) News Media.

I hate the low grade professionalism (yeah right, professional) of the mass media. And today again I noticed that these major (cough, fart) news puppets still suck ass. I/we blog, post music and shit. We have fun, no commitments. We don't deliver world events to the populous. But if you do... than grow-the-fuck-up, cut the shit and report the facts. And NOBODY cares to hear the opinions of you TV-news-talking-head-puppets. Seriously puppets, do you think we believe you have anything worthwhile to share with us?! Hahahaha, hell no. Read the teleprompter then shut the fuck up. I don't care what-so-ever of what you think or how you feel about the news of the day. I'm looking at you puppets: Shepard Smith / Wolf Blitzer / Greg Gutfeld / Bill O'Reilly / Elisabeth (cunt) Hasselbeck / Megyn Kelly / Brian Kilmeade / Chris Cuomo / Michaela Pereira and others!
And you think we would pay money and subscribe for any of your services!?!
Oh okie, I'll give 3 shiny coins and...and, I'll throw in a Fart!

 CNN got their old-man-piss-smell on this video, so I posted this comment there.
"Yes, and CNN also managed to 'dumb down' the educational, well researched 'short' by adding their over the top, now very, very tired use of unneeded adjectives. This 'short' here, (listed for view on the CNN web site) we see CNN decide the need to add 'BROMANCE' into the once relevant title for no true reason at all. Just dumb, unneeded use of more irrelevant words that they add to almost EVERY headline. It has gotten very, very tired and unprofessional. Much like CNN itself. Now feel free to play a game. .......See for yourself how many times you can find these words used and abused all through today's intellectually non-stimulating media.
 slammed / shame / outraged / outrage /outcry / stunned / stunning / epic / shocking blasted / thug / horrific / vile / racist / diabolical / privileged / viral / horrendous, etc."
Oh yeah, spot-on I think! ...YUP!!

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