Thursday, 21 January 2016

Kiss - Sneak Attack (1977 CAN-AM Tour)

"I'm a hooligan, won't go to school again noo-no-no, Suckin' a banan-again, I'm so bad...hooligan" Ooops sorry, I was singing out loud again.

'Sneak Attack'
1977 CAN-AM Tour
Audience Recordings
Encoded: VBR MP3

Gene Simmons - Paul Stanley - Ace Frehley - Peter Criss

Track List :
01 - I Stole Your Love
02 - Take Me
03 - Ladies Room
04 - Firehouse
05 - Love Gun
06 - Hooligan
07 - Makin' Love
08 - Christine Sixteen
09 - Shock Me
10 - Guitar Solo
11 - I Want You
12 - Calling Dr. Love
13 - Shout It Out Loud
14 - Intro (God Of Thunder)
15 - God of Thunder (Start)
16 - Drum Solo (God Of Thunder Cont.)
17 - God Of Thunder (End)
18 - Rock And Roll All Nite
19 - Detroit Rock City
20 - Beth
21 - Black Diamond

When Kiss' original (Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons/Ace Frehley/Peter Criss) lineup hit the road for their North American tour of 1977, plenty of bootleggers were determined to do some taping. Some plugged into soundboards, but many simply used home recorders that they managed to sneak into arenas and stadiums; back then, many bootleggers didn't have high standards. Sneak Attack, unfortunately, isn't a soundboard recording; the bootlegger no doubt used a home recorder. But while the sound quality wouldn't make an audiophile jump for joy, it isn't terrible either. Despite its imperfect sound, this two-LP set manages to capture the excitement of Kiss' 1977 appearance at the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles. Fan Records, the bootlegger who provided Sneak Attack, doesn't give an exact recording date or tell listeners where it was recorded. But one can safely assume that Sneak Attack was recorded at the Inglewood Forum during the summer of 1977 because Stanley is obviously addressing an L.A. audience, and the Forum is where Kiss played when their 1977 tour made its way to the land of palm trees and Raymond Chandler thrillers. At the time, Kiss' most recent album was Love Gun, which came out in July 1977. And most of the hard rock, heavy metal, and pop-metal that Kiss performs is from either Love Gun ("Shock Me," "Christine Sixteen," "I Stole Your Love," and "Hooligan") or the album that preceded it, Rock and Roll Over ("Calling Dr. Love," "Makin' Love," "Ladies Room," and "I Want You"). Sneak Attack is far from an ideal document of Kiss' North American tour of 1977, but despite its imperfections and shortcomings, it's a bootleg that hardcore collectors were glad to get their hands on.

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