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Joy Division [1980.01.11] Live In Amsterdam 1980 [SBD]

Joy Division
'Live In Amsterdam 1980'
Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
January 11th, 1980

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
1st. Set:
01/ Passover
02/ Wilderness
03/ Digital
04/ Day Of The Lords
05/ Insight
06/ New Dawn Fades
07/ Disorder
08/ Transmission
2nd. Set:
09/ Love Will Tear Us Apart
10/ These Days
11/ A Means To An End
12/ 24 Hours
13/ Shadowplay
14/ She's Lost Control
15/ Atrocity Exhibition
16/ Atmosphere
17/ Interzone

This is the best quality Joy Division bootleg you will find anywhere. Sound Quality is A+. -Original

Joy Division played for a handful of people only, two long sets, together around 70 minutes of excellent music. At that time only 1 album and 2 singles had been released, so they played a lot of new songs that went down well with the small audience. -Original

Chris Morris, writing for The L.A. Reader (November 27th, 1981) wrote:
The real treat here is "Amsterdam" , a live bootleg that shows Ian Curtis & Band in staggering form at a show apparently recorded just before the singer's suicide last year."Stills" version of "Sister Ray" is delectable, but I would trade all that album's tracks for the version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" from "Amsterdam". It shows how rugged and moving Joy Division could be on a good night. This Bootleg goes a long way in proving how awesome and how frightening and inspired rock music can be. -Original

Ian Curtis:  Vocals & Guitar
Bernard Sumner:  Guitar
Peter Hook:  Bass
Steven Morris:  Drums

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