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Black Sabbath [1976.12.12] King Biscuit Flower Hour

Black Sabbath 
'King Biscuit Flower Hour'
War Memorial, Syracuse, New York, USA
Sunday December 12th, 1976

FM Broadcast Recording
(King Biscuit Flower Hour)
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01. Symptom Of The Universe  [4:22]
02. War Pigs   [7:33]
03. Gypsy/Black Sabbath/All Moving Parts Stand Still/Dirty Women (cut) [26:29]
04. Drum Solo/Guitar Solo/Electric Funeral  [7:23]
05. Snowblind/Children Of The Grave   [11:00]

Ozzy Osbourne - Tony Iommi - Gerald Woodruffe - Bill Ward - Geezer Butler.

This 1976 Black Sabbath concert is from the tour promoting the band’s Technical Ecstasy album.
This Warner record followed a series of masterful album releases and thus failed to reach its anticipated mark. This show is not the greatest musical performance of the classic Sabbath lineup, but it is a good testament to the overall power and impact Sabbath had on the international metal music scene. Opening with "Symptoms of the Universe" the band runs through a set of Sabbath classics and hits, along with material from what had been the newer albums at the time. They perform hard hitting versions of "War Pigs,” Electric Funeral,” "Snowblind," and the original ode to the dark side, "Black Sabbath,” from the band’s first album. Along with extensive solos from Iommi and Ward on guitar and drums, the band closes the show with the ominous, "Children Of The Grave.” -Original

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