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Beatles, The - The BZ Auction Tape (Remastered)

The Beatles
'The BZ Auction Tape (Remastered)'
Paul McCartney & Cilla Black, John Lennon, and The Beatles.
(2006 Brown Zebra : BZCD001)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01)  Paul McCartney & Cilla Black - Step Inside Love (Session Tape)
02)  John Lennon - Jammin' With Kyoko
  John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band God Home Demos
03) God (#1)
04) God (#2)
05) God (#3)
06) God (#4)
07) Yoko Ono Poem Games
08) When A Boy Meets A Girl (#1)
09) When A Boy Meets A Girl (#2)
10) Well Well Well
11)  The Beatles - Ain't She Sweet (Master Tape)

Here is a real treat.  Some people from Bootleg Zone got together to bid on an original tape of The Beatles at Shea Stadium.  Unfortunately, we lost that bid, but instead we were successful in bidding on this tape, presented here for the first time publicly.  What we have here is a session tape of Cilla Black & Paul McCartney running through 'Step Inside Love' under the direction of George Martin.  The tape is unedited and unaltered.  The sound is a little muffled, but I am sure some audio wizard will fix this at some point!  The tape runs 24:48.

As a bonus there are three more interesting tracks.  First is a tape with John Lennon playing guitar and singing with Yoko's daughter Kyoko.  Second, a John Lennon demo tape featuring 'God', 'Yoko Ono Poem Game', 'When A Boy Meets A Girl' and 'Well, Well, Well'. Third, there is a great sounding mix of the Beatles 'Ain't She Sweet' (recorded in 1962 during the Tony Sheridan sessions) which has a much fuller and more contemporary sound than any version out there.  Is this a new remix from the master tapes?  Details are vague. -Original

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