Saturday, 26 December 2015

Nirvana [1988.03.19] First Show As Nirvana (Remaster)

First Show As Nirvana (JWB Remaster)
Community World Theatre
Tacoma, Washington, USA
Saturday March 19th, 1988

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01 Floyd The Barber [Soundcheck][cuts in at very end]
02 Big Cheese [soundcheck]
03 Love Buzz [cuts in before vocals]
04 Downer
05 Floyd The Barber
06 Spank Thru
07 Paper Cuts
08 Hairspray Queen
09 If You Must
10 Beeswax
11 Aero Zeppelin
12 Mexican Seafood
13 Pen Cap Chew
14 Big Cheese
15 Blew [cuts out towards end]
16 Raunchola / Moby Dick
17 Bad Moon Rising

This is the first show the band played as "Nirvana".
This is the only available show with Dave Foster on drums.
This is the only available version of "Bad Moon Rising".
These are the earliest available versions of "Big Cheese" and "Blew".  -Original

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