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Kiss [1985.12.28] Welcome To The Metal Zone (G.R. 996)

'Welcome To The Metal Zone'
(2014 The Godfatherecords : G.R. 996)
Asylum Tour
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Saturday December 28th, 1985

Gene Simmons - Paul Stanley - Eric Carr - Bruce Kulick

This show has one prior SBD release, 'Uh! All Night (Bondage Music BON 223)' featured all available tape from the soundboard but was missing the encore of 'Lick It Up'. On this new release 'Godfatherecords' utilize the soundboard portion for the majority of the show and use an audience recording to fill a gap in 'Heaven's On Fire' and for all of 'Lick It Up', giving us the complete show for the first time. The soundboard source is excellent, well balanced and sounds incredible at loud volumes. There is a very slight amount of tape hiss but it is only in the very quiet sections, there is enough of the audience in the mix to give a good ambience, it sounds brighter than the old 'Bondage' title and has more of a punch to it, to my ears a better generation of the tape.  The audience source is very good, bright and clear with all instruments and vocals coming through clearly, the mix favors the upper frequencies and there is little bottom end but is a more than listenable recording. -Original

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Detroit Rock City
02. Fits Like A Glove
03. Uh! All Night
04. Cold Gin
05. Under The Gun
06. Bruce's solo
07. I Still Love You
08. Gene's solo
09. I Love It Loud
10. Tears Are Falling
11. Eric's solo
12. War Machine
13. Love Gun
14. Rock And Roll All Nite
15. Heaven's On Fire
16. Lick It Up [Different AUD source]

A soundboard recording of the 20th show of the Asylum tour in support of their thirteenth studio album featuring the debut of lead guitarist Bruce Kulick. The new lineup would last for 6 years until Carr's death in November 1991. The tour for the album featured the largest Kiss logo on stage the band has ever used, as well as one of the largest lighting rigs, and was the first Kiss tour since the Dynasty Tour to stay inside North America. -Original

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