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Kiss [1979.07.10] Roanoke 1979

'Roanoke 1979'
Dynasty / The Return Of KISS Tour
Roanoke Civic Center
Roanoke, Virginia, USA
July 10th, 1979

Note: I'll be honest, there's only one reason I'm posting this show, because it is to my mind the hardest to find "Dynasty Tour" show out fact I didn't even know it existed until recently (maybe I'm out to lunch!), plus it includes all 4 of the "KISS Solo Album" tracks, where many 1979 tour shows omit one or two songs, usually "Radioactive" and "Tossin' And Turnin.'
This was the 13th show of the "Dynasty Tour", the stadium was a sell-out of 11,ooo people and the box office took in $108,670!. -ORIGINAL

Paul Stanley - Gene Simmons - Ace Frehley - Peter Criss.

Audience Recording
(Sound Quality: meh!)
Encoded:  320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 King of the Night Time World
02 Radioactive
03 Move On
04 Calling Dr. Love
05 Firehouse
06 New York Groove
07 I Was Made For Lovin' You
08 Love Gun
09 2,000 Man/Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
10 Tossin' And Turnin'

The Dynasty Tour, also known as "The Return of Kiss", was the first tour since Alive II's tour ended on April 2, 1978 in Japan, and also the first to feature the famous flying stunt by Gene Simmons. This was also the first tour to feature Ace Frehley's "lighted-guitar" and his rocket-shooting guitar, where after his "smoke" spewing guitar solo, the still smoking guitar would float up. As it was floating upward, he would appear with another guitar, aim the neck at the floating guitar, shoot the rockets and blow it up.  A trick was designed for Paul Stanley that involved him putting on a headset and shooting a laser out of his left eye to mock the effect seen in Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park the year before. After several run-throughs both Stanley and manager Bill Aucoin said no to the idea, citing the danger involved. -Original

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