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Elvis Presley - Cut Me & I Bleed (The Other Side of Elvis)

Elvis Presley 
'Cut Me & I Bleed - The Other Side of Elvis'
(1999 Double G : DG 003)
Soundboard / Studio @ 320 Kbps MP3

Alternate Humorous & Sometimes Risque Studio, Home & Live Recorded Tracks

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Ode To A Robin (The Thomson Home) - September 1973 00:39
02 Wings Of An Angel (aka "The Prisoners Song", Jam Session - 16th January 1968) 01:11
03 U.S. Male (take 4) 01:12
04 A Hundred Years From Now (uncut) 01:53
05 Got My Mojo Working (uncut) 05:06
06 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (uncut) 05:17
07 Only The Strong Survive (uncut) 02:50
08 It's Midnight (rehearsal) 04:04
09 Promised Land (rehearsal) 04:06
10 Hurt (X-rated studio outtake) 02:20
11 Cindy, Cindy (uncut) 04:14
12 Goin' Home (takes 16/17/18/19) 05:18
13 Beach Shack (takes 1/2/3) 03:45
14 Don't Cry Daddy (studio rehearsal) 02:52
15 Heart Of Rome (studio rehearsal) 04:24
16 Memories (studio rehearsal) 03:52
17 Stranger In My Own Home Town (studio rehearsal) 05:32
18 Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Las Vegas Hilton- 19th August 1974) 03:08
19 You Gave Me A Molehill (studio rehearsal) - 31st March 1972 03:23
20 Polk A Little Sock Salad (studio rehearsal) 03:14
21 American Trilogy (Las Vegas Hilton- 30th August 1974) 04:14
22 Monologue (Las Vegas Hilton - 2nd September 1974) 01:42

There is no new unbooted material here on this release. It is a compilation of songs that contains a cursing Elvis from studio/live/rehearsals taken from CD's like Hang Loose, Desert Storm, Brightest star, Lost on Tour etce. Listening to this disc will be a challenge for those of the blue-rinse set that think movies like GI Blues, Blue Hawaii and Clambake were what Elvis was about. This disc is for those that want to hear Elvis let off the leash a little. The disc presents Elvis in a number of contexts. Some of them offensive, some disturbing, others downright funny. The listing below is my view on this. If you are disturbed by The King letting a few magic words fly and the occasional racist comment then this release is not for you. -BootlegZone

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