Sunday, 25 October 2015

Robert Plant [2011.04.15] Suwanee Music Festival

Robert Plant 
and the Band of Joy
'Suwanee Music Festival'
Spirit of the Suwanee Music Park
Wanee (Peach Stage)
Live Oak, Florida, USA
Friday April 15th, 2011

Source: Studio Projects C4’s (Cards A/B @ 11' – DFC-FOB ) > Marantz PMD660 Oade ACM.
Good Audience Recording
Taper: Jon Hafner
Transferred by: Jon Hafner
Encoded: 160 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
01) Black Dog
02) Down To The Sea
03) Angel Dance
04) Black County Woman
05) House Of Cards
06) Monkey
07) Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
08) Gallows Pole
09) A Satisfied Mind
10) Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
11) Ocean Of Tears
12) I'm In The Mood For A Melody
Disc 2:
01) Please Read The Letter
02) Houses Of The Holy
03) Ramble On
04) Crowd Banter/Plant
05) Central Two-0-Nine
06) Rock And Roll
07) A Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall

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