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Kiss [1975.08.03] Providence, RI. (Taper Dan Lampinski) [Master-AUD]

'Providence, RI'
Providence Civic Centre
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Sunday August 3rd, 1975 [Audio]

Master Audience Recording
(Sony TC-152SD analog tape recorder & Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone)
(Taper: Dan Lampinski)
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Deuce
02 Strutter
03 Hotter Than Hell
04 Firehouse
05 She
06 C'mon And Love Me
07 100,000 Years (start)
08 Drums/Paul Stanley Rap
09 100,000 Years (end)
10 Black Diamond
11 Cold Gin
12 Rock and Roll All Nite
- Kiss' shortened set was a result of their opening for Black Sabbath who were touring in support of their "Sabotage" album.
- The show was sold out and the audience reportedly booed heartily when the band's set finished, wanting more of what they'd just experienced!
- While a bit distant sounding, the AUD recording of this show has nicely balanced levels. Paul's raps can be a bit difficult to hear, though he's very energetic. The show circulates direct from the master (Maloney) recorded using a Sony TC-110A analog cassette recorder.
- A new source started circulating in October 2009, direct from a master (Lampinski), that had been recorded using Sony TC-152SD analog tape recorder and Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone. A nice matrix of the two sources also exists.

Ace Frehley : Peter Criss : Paul Stanley : Gene Simmons.

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