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Aerosmith [1973.03.20] Pre-FM Reel [FLAC]

'Pre-FM Reel'
Paul's Mall
Boston, MA., USA
March 20th, 1973

Lineage: Reel to Reel Master>DAT>DAT>WAV>FLAC
Pre-FM / Soundboard Reel to Reel
(Running Time: 45:48)
FLAC (level 8) File Format

Mastering Informtion: DAT converted to Wave optically via a Prodiff 96 digital
soundcard into Wavelab. Downsampled from 48kHz to 44.1kHz in Wavelab. Individual Wave
tracks created in Wavelab. Wave files converted to FLAC (level 8) using FLAC Frontend.

Track List:
01. One Way Street
02. Somebody
03. Write Me A Letter
04. I Ain't Got You
05. Mother Popcorn
06. Movin' Out
07. Walkin' The Dog
08. Train Kept A Rollin'
09. Mama Kin

This recording was sourced from the WBCN Boston radio station master analog reel; WBCN recorded the show and subsequently sent it out over the air as an FM Broadcast. Paul's Mall was a jazz and blues club located on Boylston Street in Boston, and existed from 1963 to 1978. -Original

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