Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ace Frehley Pre-KISS in the band 'Molimo' Demos

Ace Frehley
(Pre-KISS: Ace in the band 'Molimo')
Demos Recorded in 1971
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Playing Time: 7 minutes 35 Seconds
1. Track 1 [Unknown Title]
2. Track 2 [Unknown Title]
3. Track 3 [Unknown Title]

Christine Murphy - Vocals
Tom Ellis - Vocals, Guitar
Roy Singer - Piano, Keyboards
Paul (Ace) Frehley - Guitar
Barry Dempsey - Bass
Dave Polinski - Drums

(From Village Voice April 18th, 2014)
This Molimo demo acetate is 'discovered' January 2014 when Record collector Chris Reisman was working his way through an extensive vinyl collection in a barn in upstate New York when, in the last bit of excavating,  he found a box full of decades-old acetates and demos. Among them, Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley's earliest known major label recordings as part of shelved psychadelic/prog-rock outfit Molimo.

Recorded for RCA in 1971, the record's existence has been the source of much speculation for Kiss over the years, but when a quest to find it in RCA's vaults proved unfruitful, hope seemed lost. Reisman's find is the single biggest "lost" music discovery since the Velvet Underground 1966 acetate was found by collector Warren Hill at a Portland garage sale in 2004.

The RCA Vaults were searched for this years ago; it was documented they didn't turn anything up. After Ace Frehley left Molimo and went to Casablanca Records to record with Kiss, he brought his old band members (from Molimo) with him to record an album. The band's called Tomorrow Morning. That's another acetate that was found inside that same batch. They recorded an album that never came out. -Original

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