Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Black Sabbath [1969.11.16] Dumfries (Taper: Alex Wilson) [FLAC]

Black Sabbath
Rugman's Youth Club
Whitesands, Dumfries, Scotland
Sunday November 16th, 1969

Master Reels Transfer
Lineage: Grundig Dynamic Mic>Grundig Reel To Reel @3+3/4 IPS>?>CDR>FLAC
Running Time: 62 Minutes
Good Audience recording
(Taper: Alex Wilson)
FLAC File Format

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Black Sabbath [cuts in]
02 Let Me Love You Baby
03 Song For Jim/Bill Ward Drum Solo
04 The Warning
05 Wicked World
06 Behind the Wall of Sleep
07 Early Morning School
08 N.I.B.
09 Blue Blooded Man

Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne - Guitar & Flute: Tony Iommi - Bass: Geezer Butler - Drums: Bill Ward

"If you're even remotely familiar with Sabbath Recordings you'll know that this is one of the 'Holy Grails'. For those unaware, this recording, as far as I know, is the earliest live document of Black Sabbath."
"This is actually a very enjoyable recording and provides an example of the type of show the band known as 'Earth' would have played and their transition into one of the most important bands in history, 'Black Sabbath'!" -Original

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