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U2 [2010.08.06] 360° Tour, Turin, Italy (Taper 'romeo')

360° Tour (3rd Leg: Europe)
Stadio Olimpico, Turin, Italy
Friday August 6th, 2010

Equipment: Neumann KM 140 (Microphone), CDWave (Sound Editor), Cool Edit Pro (Audio interface), Denecke PS-2 (Audio interface), Marantz PMD661 (Audio recording device)
Lineage: Neumann km140 > Denecke PS-2 > Marantz PMD661 (16 bit - 44.1 KHz) > Cool Edit > CD Wave

Excellent Audience Recording
(4 of 5 Stars)
(Taper: romeo)
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc One:  [Time 1:11:18]
01. Space Oddity/Return of the Stingray Guitar (Instrumental)
02. Beautiful Day
03. Magnificent
04. Get on your Boots
05. Mysterious Ways
06. Bono's Speech / band introduction / Happy Birthday
07. I still haven't found what I am Looking For
08. (For your love) North Star (An Acoustic Version)
09. (The flowering rose of) Glastonbury
10. Elevation
11. In a little while
12. Spaceship/Miss Sarajevo >
13. Until the end of the world
14. The Unforgettable Fire
15. City of Blinding Lights
16. Vertigo
Disc Two:  [Time 60:24]
01. Discotheque (snippet)/I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight (Remix) >
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday >
03. MLK
04. Walk On/You'll never walk alone (snippet)
05. Desmond Tutu speech/One
06. Amazing Grace/Where the streets have no name
07. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
08. With or Without You
09. Moment of Surrender

'This band is also a family; he black sheep of the family, Adam Clayton on bass guitar; 
on the drums, the baby of the band, Larry Mullen Jr; and The Edge, our middle child... 
it's his birthday on Sunday.... and I'm the prodigal son."

This concert features the debuts of three unreleased pieces of music: a new live intro called Return Of The Stingray Guitar and two complete new songs, North Star and Glastonbury. U2 had not played unreleased material live since 6 August 2001. Two more songs make their tour debuts at this gig: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is performed for the first time since 21 March 1998; Miss Sarajevo is performed for the first time since 9 December 2006. Happy Birthday was sung before I Still Haven't Found in honour of The Edge, whose 49th birthday is on 8 August 2010.

When U2's 2010 European tour dates were announced on 24 September 2009, the Frankfurt concert on 10 August 2010 was given as the opening night of the leg. This concert was not confirmed until 30 November 2009, displacing Frankfurt's status. In the wake of the postponement of U2's 2010 North American dates, this became the band's first concert of 2010 and they rehearsed at length at the venue. -U2gigs

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